sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

Remioromen - Konayuki (Inglés)

Remioromen - Powdered Snow

The season of dancing, powdered snow always passes us by
Even lost in the crowd, we're gazing at the same sky
The blowing wind chills us in a similar way

I probably don't know everything about you yet,
Out of a hundred million people I found you
And though there is no basis, I seriously feel this

Without quarreling over trivial thingswe can't be together
If we're unable to be honest with each other, happiness and sadness are worthless

If the powdered snow has dyed our hearts white could we have shared our loneliness?
With my ear pressed up close to your heart

I want to descend quietly into the depths
Where its voice leads melet's meet there once again
I had wanted us to understand each other

But it was I who had just brushed the surface
Even though, just tightly grasping your hand numb with cold
We were connected before eternity,the powdered snow is too fragile (falling down)
It stains the surface of the coarse asphault powdered snow,

You know, sometimes I'm unreliable and my heart quiversnevertheless,
I want to continue to protect you

If the powdered snow has dyed our hearts white
Our loneliness will be engulfed and be returned to the sky

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