domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

Kimi wa Petto OST


01. Like Someone In Love (Main Theme)
02. Dream Kitchen
03. My Soup Has Gotten Cold
04. Unchained Monologue
05. The Nude Contract
06. Who Is Momo?
07. Like Someone In Love (Gentle Version)
08. Moody Ark
09. Long Nights Gone
10. Sunset
11. The Girl Rides Again
12. A Sloppy Life
13. Unchained Monologue (Love Affair Version)
14. Absence Of Mind
15. EDEN
16. Like Someone In Love (Doki Doki Version)
17. What Is A Charm?
18. Feeling Lazy
19. Unchained Monologue (Futari Nano Ni Lonely Version)
20. Long Nights Gone (Front Door Version)
21. Come To An End
Bonus Track - Darling



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